Juan Sanchez says exploring Colombia’s different regions will never amount to more of the same for visitors

And he can make the claim with considerable confidence.

Sanchez is Colombian tourism board ProColombia’s new Canadian representative and told a Baxter Media webinar that diversity and Colombian tourism experiences go hand in hand.

“Every region in Colombia is so different. You feel like you’re travelling to a different country (when entering a new region),” he said.

There’s little disputing that, with Colombian landscapes including snow-capped Andean mountains, Amazon jungle and tropical Caribbean coast.

The Caribbean coast is also home to Cartagena, which has an old quarter that has received UNESCO World Heritage Site status because of its colonial architecture.

And another point of interest terrain-wise are vast coffee landscapes, with many coffee plantations open to tourists wanting to understand how that hugely popular beverage is produced.

Much of interior Colombia was featured in the popular Disney movie Encanto.

Indeed, Colombia — which promotes itself as The Most Welcoming Place on Earth — is citing six distinctive regions that await visitors.

But webinar viewers were also told that Colombia has more bird species than any other country, and also comes out on top when it comes to orchids.

As well, it is home to over 1,000 musical rhythms, leading some to label it The Country of 1,000 Rhythms.

Colombia also has 12 linguistic families.

Sanchez said those who enter the Colombian Amazon can go on guided tours “through the never-sleeping jungle” and visit Indigenous communities in a region also known for its wildlife.

The webinar also reported that many non-mainstream tourism experiences are available, including helicopter expeditions to emerald mines, where visitors can learn about the extraction of those gemstones.

Those wanting a bird’s-eye view of the coffee region can get one by hot-air balloon rides, which provide “unforgettable views,” Sanchez reported.

Humpback whales gather off the Pacific coast to give birthin the June-September period, with whale-watching available.

Meanwhile, Sanchez praised Colombia’s tourism infrastructure, reporting that the country has 9,157 hotels and is served by 27 airlines.

Air Canada, Air Transat and Avianca have direct Canada-Colombia routes.

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