Virgin Voyages has responded immediately to the CDC’s decision to discontinue their voluntary COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships and will mirror the rest of the travel industry in removing pre-embarkation testing for sailings from July 24 on EU sailings, and from July 27 on US sailings.

Vaccine requirements will remain in place for both Scarlet Lady, operating out of the US, and Valiant Lady in the EU.

Virgin Voyages is currently evaluating this policy and will announce further updates in the near future.

Passenger and crew well-being is the major focus and they continue to follow the advice of their expert medical team.

To clarify these updates:

  • From the dates mentioned above, passengers will no longer be required to complete a pre-embarkation COVID test, applicable across the fleet, including US and EU operations.
  • For US sailings, passenger vaccination requirements will now be marked at 90%. This opens the opportunity for passengers who are not vaccinated to contact Virgin Voyages’ Sailor Services to book a sailing if these thresholds are met.
  • Ship crew on all US and EU sailings will maintain their fully vaccinated status.

Other well-being measures implemented during the pandemic, including enhanced air purification systems and deep cleaning/sanitization will be maintained. Virgin Voyages will continue to work closely with the CDC and collaborate with the industry to implement all appropriate measures.

Along with the rest of the cruise industry, the brand welcomes the update and autonomy that has been afforded the rest of the travel sector over the past several years. The news comes as the cruise industry continues to regain post-pandemic momentum.




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