The Global Business Travel Association is fully embracing its mission to help the business travel industry create a positive impact and a better future for people and the planet at its upcoming GBTA Convention 2022, Aug. 14 to Aug. 17, at the San Diego Convention Center.

During the event, GBTA will unveil its first-ever Sustainability Pavilion as well as a new Sustainability Toolkit delivering insights, tools, and best practices to empower industry professionals to create sustainable business travel programs for their companies and the travellers they serve.

Additionally, the Convention itself will be “going greener.” Onsite efforts include reducing waste and facilitating recycling and composting, encouraging climate-friendly transportation options, providing a plant-based lunch for thousands of attendees, and even eliminating 14,600 square yards of carpet.

Delphine Millot, Senior Vice President-Sustainability, GBTA, said that: “In 2021, we launched our GBTA Sustainability Program with the important objective to not only educate and advocate for a greener way forward for business travel, but also to make it a long-term goal and commitment for the association itself.  There’s no better place to deliver on that than at the world’s largest gathering of the global business travel industry, the 2022 GBTA Convention.”

Convention Main Stage sessions will feature expert speakers, panelists and discussion on sustainability – for both people and the planet – and what it might mean for business travel.

GBTA has worked together with its suppliers, vendors, and partners to make Convention as sustainable as possible. Working with Thrust Carbon, for the first time ever, GBTA will be calculating its emissions related to this annual event as a benchmark for ongoing progress.

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