Sasquatch Mountain Snowshoeing 

Last weekend, we took a break from skiing and joined a guided snowshoe trek. The Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing tours are new to the mountain this year, so we thought it would be fun to take our boys on a snowshoeing adventure. 

We don’t snowshoe very often, mostly because we’re usually skiing or snowboarding when we’re up in the mountains during winter. But we really enjoy hiking in the mountains, so we’re glad that Sasquatch has expanded its snowshoe trails and added the guided tours. 

Sasquatch Mountain Resort has five different snowshoe trails to explore, including beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. You can explore the snowshoe trails on your own by purchasing a day pass, or you can join a guided snowshoe trek. 

What appeals to us about a guided snowshoe tour is that we don’t have to worry about getting lost. It’s a legit fear when hiking in the mountains, especially with our boys.

The trails are marked, but fresh snowfall can cover the tracks. Now that we know where to go, and how long it takes to complete each section, we’re more comfortable doing this trail on our own in the future. 

View the Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing trail map here.

Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing trek

Ridge Run Guided Trek

The Ridge Run Guided Trek starts at the top of the Sasquatch Chair (green chair). This means that most of the hard work is already done. This guided snowshoe tour takes you down the Ridge Run trail, so there’s not a lot of uphill hiking.  

Guests walk on the chair lift while holding the snow shoes and poles. It’s a strange feeling if you’re used to going up chair lifts with skis or snowboards.

Once you get to the top of Sasquatch Mountain, you strap on your snow shoes and walk towards the Baby Bowl sign. The top of the Baby Bowl run is also a part of the Ridge Run snowshoe trail. 

The guided snowshoe tour is suitable for beginner and/or intermediate hikers. The distance is 2.5 km’s. It takes 2.5 hours for the trek, including the chair lift up and short breaks (we walked for about 2 hours).

It’s recommended for kids 10+ years old. Our youngest boy is 8 years old and he was fine doing the hike (although he did get tired towards the end).

Watch this short video reel about our snowshoe adventure.

Sasquatch Chair lift on top of Sasquatch Mountain. The start of the Ridge Run snowshoe trail

Riding up the Sasquatch Chair (green chair) to start our guided snowshoe tour.

The start of our Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing adventure at the top of the chairlift.

start of the Ridge Run Guided Trek, new Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing trails

Hiking the Ridge Run trail towards the top of Baby Bowl.

ridge run snowshoe trail at Sasquatch Mountain Resort, British Columbia

The trail is marked with an orange circle. You don’t have to be on a guided tour to enjoy this trail. However, if you want to skip the uphill section, you’ll need to jump on the chair lift, which is a part of the guided tour. 

Learn about the trails and view the snowshoe trail map here.

Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing guided tours, snow shoe trails at Sasquatch

We lucked out with the weather on our snowshoe hike. The mountain received 15+ cm’s of fresh snow overnight. The snow covered trees certainly add to the snowshoe experience. 

winter snow shoe trail at Sasquatch Mountain in British Columbia

Some of the downhill sections are a little steep. Our guided showed us how to properly walk downhill while wearing snow shoes, which helped. 

Although, our boys had more fun sliding down the steep sections on their bum. 

tall trees covered with snow, guided snowshoeing on Sasquatch Mountain hiking trails

Our guide, Ethan, shared info about the different trees found in the area, including Hemlock and Cedar.

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Sasquatch Mountain is one of the best spots to snowshoe in the Lower Mainland.

fresh tracks on baby bowl run on Sasquatch Mountain Resort

The above photo was taken on the east side of Baby Bowl. You can see the fresh tracks from skiers. This is a fun section when the mountain gets a fresh snowfall. And, because you have to hike a little to get to it, many skiers don’t come here. 

Braydon and Connor had fun on the tour. They enjoyed chatting with our guide Ethan. 

These snow-covered trees look like snow ghosts. And, the skier who hit this section earlier in the day must still be smiling. 

The pace is suited to the group, so you can take as many breaks as needed. We suggest you bring a few snacks and drinks. 

The mountain landscapes are stunning, especially with the fresh snow.

Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing tour

Snowshoeing tip – Wear layers. Although it’s cold outside, it gets warm when you’re hiking.

The trail has a few easy flat sections.  

Sasquatch statue on the Sasquatch Mountain snowshoeing trail

We found the Sasquatch!

This wooden Sasquatch statue is new to the Sasquatch Mountain hiking trails. It’s the perfect selfie spot for snowshoers and hikers. The views in the backdrop are amazing, too.

New signage for the Sasquatch Mountain snowshoe trails. 

There are a few uphill sections, but most of the guided snowshoe trek is downhill.

day lodge at Sasquatch Mountain Resort British Columbia

A few more things about Sasquatch Mountain Snowshoeing 

You can snowshoe the trails at Sasquatch Mountain any day with the purchase of a day pass. Pricing info here. However, the guided snowshoe tours only take place on Saturdays and Sundays. 

You must to book the Snowshoe Guided Treks in advance here.

You can rent snowshoes at the day lodge. Snow shoe rentals are $20 per day. 

It’s recommended that kids are 10 years of age. Under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Remember to dress for the weather. Check the Sasquatch Mountain snow forecast here

Wear proper waterproof winter boots and outwear. Bring gloves, hat and sunglasses or goggles. Also, it’s wise to bring water and a few snacks with you. 

Pets are not permitted on the guided snowshoe tours.

Check weather conditions via Sasquatch Mountain webcams here.

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