At the Eglinton Grand last night everyone was red carpet ready.

The top guns of Canada’s travel industry were elated to finally be back after 2+ hard years with many of them seeing each other for the first time. There were no Zoom calls going on here. It was all in-person, face-to-face, and yes, at times—even shoulder-to-shoulder, reports Ilona Kauremszky for Press Today.

And boy did it feel good!

Here’s a sample of reactions from the people we met on the way into the Baxter Media #AgentsChoice Gala:

“Tonight is about everyone getting together, being out of our home offices, dressed up and enjoying each other’s company. That’s what I think—we may have taken those events for granted in the past, but being here, it really is wonderful to be together again and to be able to celebrate.”

Lindsay Pearlman, Senior Vice President-International Leisure, Travel Leaders Network

“I can’t express what this evening means, because it’s been two years where we have been sitting inside. I was at the last 2019 Baxter Awards, and they put on a good show with a lot of new stuff, so I’m looking forward to tonight. It means a lot to the industry to be in person.”

Chippy Jegathasen, CEO Voyzant Travel

“It’s been a long time coming! We’re so craving the human connection again, and we know all of us have gone through a tremendous amount over the last couple of years so to be able to come to celebrate our friends, our colleagues, our partners, and to be able to connect with each other again, and to be able to really look forward to the next chapter in what’s happening in the travel industry. It’s phenomenal!”

Gavin Miller Executive Vice President, Travel Edge

Stay tuned for more on the 2022 Agents’ Choice Awards Gala in upcoming issues of Press Today, Canadian Travel Press and Travel Courier.




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