NĀRAT has launched affordable independent touring packages of Portugal’s Azores Islands in partnership with Hertz Portugal and SATA Azores Airlines.

A popular destination for Canadians, the Azores Islands are consistently ranked as one of the best and sustainable island travel destinations in Europe.

The Azores Islands’ location between Europe and North America makes it the most ideal European Island getaway, conveniently accessible for Canadians.

Renata Snidr, NĀRAT corporate director said: “With an abundance of natural scenery, history and culture, the Azores Islands encapsulates a bit of everything desired by Canadian travellers for that exotic European escape, and leaves most longing to come back. We are thrilled to include this destination as part of our product offering to agents.”

NĀRAT‟s packages are designed for the independent traveller that demands adventure, freedom and flexibility, with an optimum destination experience. The packages are being introduced at a time where pandemic concerns may yet linger for segments of the travel population who may want to limit travel with groups and exposure to crowded settings due to health concerns.

Duarte Guedes, vice president Hertz Portugal said that: “Hertz Portugal is delighted to partner with NĀRAT and Azores Airlines on these products. We are confident Hertz is the best-choice fit for each and every traveller wishing to explore these magnificent Islands due to its diverse fleet. We look forward to an engaging relationship by satisfying Canadian customers who visit Portugal.”

Karen Evans, national manager Canada for the airline, said: “SATA Azores Airlines is excited about its new partnership with NĀRAT and Hertz Portugal and the opportunity to connect more Canadians to the beautiful Azores. Azores Airlines is the only carrier to offer year-round, non-stop services to the Azores.”

Evans continued: “As one of the most sustainable destinations in the world, Europe’s Leading Adventure Destination, and safest destination, the Azores are a must visit destination.”

NĀRAT Independent Azores packages are available from 9 to 14 days and traverse though the number of islands including; Sao Miguel, Pico and Terceira, to the smaller islands of Flores and Faial – immersing you in natural beauty, uniqueness of scenery and cultural variety.

The packages are suitable for couples, singles and families. Fall package prices start at $2,950 per person in double occupancy with guaranteed departures. Packages comprise return airfare from Toronto, Azores domestic airfares Hertz car rental, accommodations in moderate to first class hotels with premium located rooming and meals with flexible concierge reservations at participating restaurants. Travellers will have access to historic sites with guided visits and a Program Kit facilitating navigating through the islands connected with the packages. Other departure gateways are Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Travellers have the option to bundle insurance with packages at the time of purchase.

As an added bonus, travellers are provided the opportunity to extend their independent Azores tours to visit of mainland Portugal, or book a long-stay option.

To obtain brochures on NĀRAT’s Azores Islands Independent Touring Packages travel agents are requested to email tours@narat.org or call 1-877-By-NARAT (296-2728)


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