“Many Canadians are finally ready to take the trip they have been dreaming of over the  past two years,” says Michèle Barre, Air Transat’s VP Network, Revenue  Management and Pricing. “On one hand, Las Vegas represents the creation of new  opportunities for both leisure and business travel.”

Barre adds that the return of direct  flights to Havana, New Orleans and Tampa bring even more possibilities to  explore sunny destinations. “We are proud to offer our passengers a diverse flight network on four continents to not only meet, but continually exceed their expectations,” she says.

Starting Nov. 3, 2022, Air Transat will fly from Montreal to Las Vegas four times a week.

Air Transat will also fly from Montreal to New Orleans two times a week starting Nov. 3, to Havana three times a week starting Dec. 19, and to Tampa two times a week starting Dec. 23.

Air Transat is also upgrading its Montreal-London and Montreal-Los Angeles seasonal service to a year-round service  starting in fall 2022, each with three weekly flights. In addition, the carrier will extend its Montreal-Marseille direct flights to until Jan. 8, 2023, with two flights a week.

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