A Toronto travel agent who’s a frequent visitor to Mexico says attending Mexico’s annual tourism show Tianguis has further convinced her that Mexican tourism is rebounding after being badly battered by COVID-19, reports Press Today’s Ian Stalker, who’s attending this year’s show.

Toronto Uniglobe agent Ethel Hansen Davey told Press Today that her bookings are coming on strongly.

“Mexican tourism is really coming back in leaps and bounds,” she said during the Acapulco show. ‘People have confidence in the states’ governments’ ability to handle COVID.”

Hansen Davey said the likes of hotel temperature checks and Mexican airlines insisting passengers wear masks is reassuring.

Tianguis opened Sunday in Acapulco, with Mexican tourism minister Miguel Torruco Marques praising the surrounding state of Guerrero as this “marvellous state.”

Tourism officials frequently praised Guerrero’s beaches but also lauded its cultural, historical and natural attributes during the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, officials announced that next year’s Tianguis will be held in Mexico City, a first for the Mexican capital.

Seen here with a couple of feline sorts at a Guerrero reception are Julieta Viggiano of Cangaroo, Mario Pineda of Juniper and Hansen Davey.



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