With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Karine Roy-Camille has been appointed Deputy Director of the Americas office of the Martinique Tourism Authority (MTA).

Having recently taken her position in Montreal, she will now ensure the continuity of the MTA’s implementation of the island’s tourism strategy for the entire Americas market, along with Muriel Wiltord, the MTA’s Director of the Americas based in New York.

As a former regional councilor, Karine Roy-Camille has more than 30 years of experience in the tourism sector in Martinique; she was successively Commercial Director of SMCR Voyages (1986-2013), President of the Martinique Cruise Tourism Group (2008-2010), Director, Tour Operators of Foyal Tours (2013-2020) and finally President of the MTA (2010-2015).

If the promotion of Martinique from Quebec is a great first for Roy-Camille, it does not worry this experienced tourism professional who has always used her expertise to boost tourism to her native island: “I am delighted to add a new string to my bow and to participate in the promotion of the island of flowers from Montreal; Quebec has always shown a strong potential for tourism in Martinique. I will work with my new teams to grow this interest and to globally promote and increase the stature of the island not only in Canada but also in the United States and Latin America.”

The arrival of Roy-Camille not only cements the implementation of the policy defined by the MTA on the Americas markets, it also signals a will to underscore the objective of commercial development on these markets and also to create new air services from Toronto and New York, in order to increase Martinique’s accessibility in the Americas.

Several major projects await the new deputy director, which does not displease Bénédicte di Geronimo, Tourism Commissioner of the MTA: “I know I can count on the professionalism and determination of Karine Roy-Camille, who will be able to put all her energy and skills to good use in the interests of Martinique in our Americas office. And François Baltus-Languedoc, MTA’s CEO added: “We welcome the arrival of a seasoned professional who will be a real asset in the strategy we wish to apply to our priority markets, namely Canada and the United States. Karine Roy-Camille will bring a new wind of change to the business development of Martinique in the Americas.”

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