It’s a bit of a rebrand, and a new direction, from Monograms, the company’s long-time independent travel brand. Globus plans to sunset Monograms at the end of 2022.

It’s also good strategy. At this point in the pandemic, more travellers are looking for travel options that offer alternatives to big groups, but still with structure and safety.

More information about Independence by Globus product can be found here.

Travelweek caught up with Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands, to find out more.


Q. Congratulations on the new Independence by Globus brand! Can you share with us the thought process behind making this change?

Bishop: “Coming out of the pandemic – and recognizing the traction and reputation of Globus – we felt we had an opportunity to accelerate the growth of our independent vacations under the Globus umbrella. By moving Monograms’ most popular itineraries to new, Independence by Globus, we’re offering advisors and their clients the best of both Globus and our independent vacations.”


Q. The brand name ‘Independence by Globus’ makes very clear that these trips are not group trips, i.e. they’re independent travel options. Were there challenges in the market with communicating that messaging with the Monograms brand?

Bishop: “As a stand-alone brand, it was a challenge to generate awareness of Monograms – and its independent offering – in a saturated marketplace. By utilizing Globus’ awareness, brand reputation and vast network of advisor partnerships, we had an opportunity to move Monograms’ most popular itineraries to a new, Independence by Globus brand offering.”


Q. How many Monograms itineraries will be moved into the Independence by Globus division, and can you share some of the most popular itineraries that will definitely be included?

Bishop: “We’re moving nearly 100 former Monograms itineraries to the new, Independence by Globus travel style, including both Independent City Stays in Europe as well as Independent Tours and City Stays in South America, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific.

“Our most popular itineraries making their Independence by Globus debut include …



Independent Rome, Florence & Venice

Independent London & Paris



Independent South Africa Sojourn

Kenya Private Safari

East Africa Private Safari



Independent Peru Highlights

Independent Costa Rica Wonders

Independent Brazil & Argentina


SOUTH PACIFIC (available in August)

Best of Australia & New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef & Sydney

Naturally New Zealand

ASIA (available in August)

Independent Bangkok & Phuket

Independent India: The Golden Triangle

Treasures of Japan


Q. Aside from the name, are there any other differentiators between Monograms trips and Independence by Globus trips?

Bishop: “For Independence by Globus, we’ve selected the most popular components of these itineraries, including looking at a combination of included hotels, hand-selected optional excursions and length of vacation package.”


Q. What should travel agents be telling clients who love Monograms and who are just now hearing about Independence by Globus?

Bishop: “Continuing to cater to independently minded travellers, like Monograms, new Independence by Globus invites clients on “I”-opening adventures of the world. And, now, with the support of Globus, advisors have the opportunity to share with clients even more ways to explore the world on perfectly planned getaways including Choice Touring vacations and Undiscovered tours.”

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