When Cruise CEO was first launched in July 2021, it was stated that only the bold make moves while the others stand still. It was the perfect intersection of the most unexpected and opportune time to introduce a Cruise Centric host agency to the Canadian market.

Caroline Hay, President of Cruise CEO, reflects on the past year, observing: “Everyone told us that it was crazy to launch in a pandemic, but immediately following, came the words ‘what a great idea and this concept is long overdue.’ We’ve seen host agencies popping up all over the place this past year, Cruise CEO isn’t trying to recreate a host agency model that is already out there; we’ve created one that is not.”

Hay continued: “We offer a high split of commission to put more money in the pockets of the cruise seller, a comprehensive supplier partner line up, and we’re the only Host Agency in Canada where cruise is NOT an afterthought. We are standing out from the ordinary, and it’s working.”

She noted that: “Now that we have our first year under our belt, we’ve analyzed our results, and they are right on target with what we anticipated. 70% of our sales are cruise, 30% are all-inclusive, tour, air, hotels, and insurance. Our CEOs have fully embraced our partnership with Virtuoso, and 85% of our overall sales are with Virtuoso partner members. We couldn’t have achieved such great results without our Cruise CEO Advisors taking a chance on us; they are an incredible group of like-minded advisors eager to see the business grow.”

In celebration of Cruise CEOs first anniversary, they want to give back.

“We know that it’s been a tough couple of years in the industry, and travel advisors have worked so hard, and the reality is we still have continued issues plaguing our industry. As we were thinking of ways to celebrate this momentous occasion of our first birthday, we decided to launch a contest where we would award a Travel Advisor with a free cruise. To enter the contest, visit www.cruiseceo.com, and we’ll do the final random draw at the end of the month. We can’t wait to award a hard-working Travel Advisor with an amazing cruise.”

Cruise CEO’s birthday contest is running from July 15 to Aug. 1, 2022.

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