Explora Journeys has released its first set of Destination Experiences, as part of the Mediterranean Inaugural Journeys Collection of EXPLORA I.

The selection of experiences around the Mediterranean will feature well-known destinations such as Ibiza in Spain, discovered through a different lens and lesser-known ports, rarely visited by cruise ships such as Calvi in Corsica, France or Kastellorizo in Greece.

At every destination, Explora Journeys will provide opportunities for guests to discover authentic Mediterranean cultural, historical, and culinary delights from an extraordinary perspective.

Experiences are tailored to small, intimate groups, from two to 25 guests. Always with an emphasis on exclusive, off-the-beaten-track encounters focused on a slower pace of travel to allow guests to fully immerse themselves in each destination, whilst not leaving their mark on the places they explore.

Michael Ungerer, the Chief Executive Officer, Explora Journeys, commented: “The ingenuity of the bespoke destination experiences created by Explora Journeys is set to surpass expectations, leading our guests on a journey of self, social and active discovery, fulfilment, and enrichment, easing them into an Ocean State of Mind. Explora Journeys is committed to delivering inspiring and sustainable tourism as we strive to leave a positive footprint for the next generation.”

Destination experiences are categorized into five different interest types that include Beyond Boundaries; Tailored Experiences; Enchanting Explorations; Boundless Discoveries; and In-Country Immersions.

Sacha Rougier, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experience, Explora Journeys said: “Blending luxury and adventure, Explora Journeys will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience. Enriching and exhilarating – Explora Journeys connect travellers with the unique destination experiences of a lifetime, and we look forward to offering these authentic, immersive, and transformative experiences to our guests.”

Explora Journeys Mediterranean Destination Experiences can now be booked as part of the Inaugural Mediterranean Journeys collection with departures starting from May 31, 2023.

Go to www.explorajourneys.com/traveladvisors or www.explorajourneys.com for more.

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