Agents Are More Valuable Now Than Ever

After the worst of the pandemic, bookings are picking up again. Travel is rebounding both in the short and longterm as most destinations are eager to welcome back international visitors. Airlift is taking off at remarkable levels, in many cases already reaching pre-pandemic levels. But are travellers turning to advisors to book their getaways like many predicted?

At the start of travel restrictions and travel bans, many travellers discovered that they were left on their own with no one in their corner if they booked alone. Long hold times and the unpredictability of the travel industry led many to vow they’d seek a trusted professional when the time came to jet set again.

As part of the annual Agents’ Choice Readership Survey, Travel Courier wanted to find out if agents across the country are actually seeing an uptick in the amount of people who are seeing the benefits of working with a travel advisor — and why?

With so many ever-changing rules and regulations, Ian Elliott of TravelOnly believes clients are not only more comfortable working with a travel professional, they’re also willing to pay a service fee for it.

“Before COVID, many consumers thought they could risk booking on their own… what was the big deal?” he said. “Well, a global pandemic was a huge deal and many of them are now looking to get expert advice on where to travel, when and how to get their safely.”

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