With its Japan sales surging, Collette has added a new Japan tour to their product line.

Dramatic bookings to the destination prompted the company to create a new Explorations tour to Japan highlighting the rich culture and traditions.

Japan: Past and Present provides travellers with multiple opportunities to immerse themselves with the sights and sounds of the country; from neon-lit streets filled with people, to quiet shrines filled only with silence, guests come face-to-face with a culture thousands of years in the making.

The tour explores the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, traveling between them on the famous shinkansen bullet train, as well as having guests take part in the elaborate art of a Japanese tea ceremony.

A unique opportunity on the tour is introducing guests to the famous ama pearl divers where they dine with them while hearing tales of their lives and traditions. This explorations tour allows the traveler to intimately discover the thousand facets of culture, art, and life that make up the incredible spirit of Japan.

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