Winnipeg, which debuted a brand new slogan, “Winnipeg: Made from what’s real,” boasts a diverse multicultural scene with more than 100 residing cultures and nationalities. Canada Jetlines is encouraging guests to make the city their next choice for either a leisure or business destination.

“The entire team at Canada Jetlines is excited to offer passengers a convenient route from Toronto to the beautiful city of Winnipeg starting on our inaugural day of Aug. 15,” said Eddy Doyle, CEO of Canada Jetlines. “We are thankful to the regional community and airport for their welcoming support. We greatly look forward to our first flight to Winnipeg and intend to offer more travel options to the residents of Manitoba soon.”

Nick Hays, President and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority, added: “There’s a strong demand for travel right now, as indicated by the increasing numbers of passengers we’ve welcomed at YWG over the past few months. We look forward to working with Canada Jetlines to provide more options for our community and help stimulate the local tourism industry’s economic recovery.”

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