What exactly is SAF, and why is it important?

SAF is the umbrella term for all aviation fuels that are produced without the use of fossil energy sources. The SAF currently used by the Lufthansa Group is produced from biogenic residual materials, for example, used cooking oils. SAF can be used in aircraft without any problems and is a real alternative to fossil kerosene.

To learn about the sun-to-liquid process in SAF production, click here.

If SAF is a more eco-friendly alternative, why isn’t it used on all flights?

It is very expensive to produce SAF at the moment. The quantity currently available on the global market is not yet sufficient to use large quantities in flight operations. Moreover, SAF is still around 3-5x as expensive as fossil jet fuels. The Lufthansa Group is therefore involved in a variety of projects to drive forward the development and availability of SAF.

How can passengers get involved?

Customers can already make their air travel more sustainable today by purchasing SAF through the compensaid.com platform. Compensaid calculates the fuel consumption of a passenger’s flights and ensures that exactly this amount of Sustainable Aviation Fuel is used on future flights.

To help raise awareness and to learn more about the Lufthansa Group’s sustainable measures, click here or follow the hashtag #MakeChangeFly.

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