Air Transat is diversifying and expanding its international offering for winter 2022–2023; offering more than 50 destinations, as well as a few more through its code-sharing agreements.

Michèle Barre, Vice President, Network, Revenue Management and Pricing of Air Transat, said: “Our customers want and need to travel. Our response to their expectations is unique, of high quality and rich in options. We are offering an unprecedented range of destinations on four continents for this coming winter as we continue to develop and strengthen our air network.”

The carrier continues to grow in Quebec while maintaining its position in Ontario and Atlantic Canada with flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Air Transat will offer direct flights from eight cities across the country: Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton & Halifax. In addition to its flights to the South, Air Transat will also offer vacationers a selection of packages at more than 300 properties.

Travellers out of Toronto will have plenty of choice to enjoy the sun and beaches of the South. Air Transat will offer direct flights to Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, and St. Maarten.

Out of Montreal, Air Transat will expand its services to the South, including to Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico (to Puerto Vallarta and Cancun), as well as in the Dominican Republic (to Punta Cana). It will also operate direct flights to Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Panama, the Caribbean, and El Salvador, as well as Cuba, where direct flights to Havana are back in service.

Travellers from our other gateways will once again have access to the most popular vacation destinations.

Air Transat will offer flights to Florida from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. Air Transat is pursuing ambitious development in the U.S. market, announcing a major increase in its offering from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando and resuming its direct flights to Tampa. It will also maintain its service to New Orleans and extend service to Los Angeles year-round.

For those wishing to travel to Europe this winter, Air Transat will offer direct flights from Toronto to Faro, Glasgow, Lisbon, London, Manchester, and Porto. Also, offered will be direct flights between Montreal and France, Portugal and Spain, as well as the United Kingdom, along with year-round flights to London.

It should also be noted that Air Transat will now offer its non-stop flights from Montreal to Marseille for the holidays until Jan. 8, 2023, and the following day for the flight back to Montreal.

Air Transat will also operate domestic flights between Toronto and Montreal and between Montreal and Vancouver.

To enable Canadians to simplify their travel itinerary and increase international connections, Air Transat is enhancing its offering with trusted partners through its code-sharing agreements.

The winter 2022–2023 flight schedules are available on Transat Agent Direct. New destinations will be announced in a few weeks. More to come in June.



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