Travel agents are being asked a lot of questions about what compensation may be available to their clients during this period of increased trip and baggage delays.

Following member consultation, ACTA has launched a new Trip and Luggage Compensation Tool that travel agents can use to understand compensation and reimbursement rules for domestic and international air travel.

ACTA had received requests for materials to help travel agents guide their customers through what resources are available in the event of flight delays, cancellations, baggage delays, loss, and damage.

Users can input the origin and destination of the impacted flight and the tool will display potential compensation and reimbursement rules applicable to that trip.

However, ACTA says this tool is not a substitution for legal advice, and users should seek counsel from a lawyer as needed.

ACTA continues advocating with governments and suppliers on improving trip delays to enable economic recovery for Canada’s travel agencies and independent travel agents



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